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These unique wine accessories such as our Drip Catchers will help keep your table linens clean! These unique wine gifts are a simple and elegant in design and function to catch that one drip of wine that sneaks down the bottle to the table. This solid hardwood ring has a puffy, black velvet lining that absorbs that drip before it gets to the label! This elegant collar for your wine bottle is a great compliment to your elegant table and a very affordabale way to keep wine stains off of your table linens! Solid Rosewood or Padauk with Laminated hardwoods of JalNeem, Ebony, Teak and Padauk. Each handcrafted wood item gets 8 coats of lacquer and hand rubbed and polished to a piano like finish. Measures 1 inch tall, interior diameter of 1 inch and exterior diameter of 1 3/4 inch. What a wonderful unique wine gifts ideas. From Welldesigned foil cutters to woodenwine preservers we offer many Unique wine accessories and gifts here at Vino Strumenti.

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