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Handmade Wine preserver vacuum pumps. Wine is more than a drink – it’s an experience. Uncorking a great bottle of wine creates an instantly memorable evening with family and friends, and is an exquisite accompaniment to a dish bursting with flavor. Whether you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur or simply have a taste for vino, you want to preserve your wine the right way. Our wooden wine preservers,feature a beautifully created wine preserver vaccum pumps with two solid inlaid wooden wine stoppers. Wooden wine savers are a unique gift for the new home owners in your life, as a wedding gift, birthday gift – just about any gifting occasion we can think of! Do you have a special person in your life with a flair for the unique? Our handcrafted Wooden Wine Saver in “yellow eye” woods is like no other gift they can imagine receiving, and will earn quite the compliments from house guests! Gifting a friend or family member with a chic sense of décor? Our Wooden Wine Preserver in solid rosewood is eye-catching, but so sleek and modern at the same time. Preserve the delicious spirit of your favorite room – or a friend or family members – by choosing wooden wine preservers from KaleidoscopesToYou.com

Handmade by Vino Strumenti Excellence in wine accessories.

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